Informationen zu Rehabilitation of Kupinac channel and six pumping stations in Obrenovac and Surcin, Republic of Serbia

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27.05.2019 17:00:00

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Obrenovac, Surcin, Belgrade (Republic of Serbia) (österreichweit)

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Austrian Development Agency (acting in its own name and on behalf of the public water management company Srbijavode) intends to award a contract for works under FIDIC contract conditions in Obrenovac and Surcin with financial assistance from the European Union. The contract involves the rehabilitation of the Kupinac channel in Obrenovac, the rehabilitation of six pumping stations in Obrenovac and Surcin and the rehabilitation of the drainage system in Boljevci and Surcin (OPTIONAL) and the procurement of mobile pumps (OPTIONAL).

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